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At Economy REALTORS® the difference is our business model. We believe in fair and reasonable commission. Real Estate now is different from 20 years ago. The internet has brought instant information to our fingertips. Electronic signatures, paperless contracts, digital photos, and text messaging have streamlined the process and increased marketing for all agents. We now conduct real estate services and transactions in a manner consistent with the rise of technology. As a listing agent, this saves time and increases your exposure. Time is money so we pass that savings on to you, to preserve your equity. After all, it is yours! We offer you the same services as the big real estate companies that charge 6-7% commission, but we will save you thousands. We provide our clients with full, personalized representation throughout the transaction, for much less than our competitors.

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What others say about us

Ms. Obrien is very knowledgeable. She is defiantly an over achiever.  Above and beyond what is required. She is a hard worker  very reliable and dependable.  I will defiantly hire her in the future and recommend her to all my friends and family.

Crystal is very professional and knows exactly what buyers and sellers need! She is excellent in explaining the process to her clients. She is an amazing realtor, and I highly recommend using her for your buying or selling journey!

We used Crystal to help us find our house. She was patient with us while we drug her from house to house. She sent us several suggestions that met our criteria but we just weren’t finding the one we loved. One day she called me and said she found one that she just knew we would fall in love with.  There was a catch, it wasn’t actually listed yet and she didn’t have any pictures, only the description. She read it off to me, and sure enough it sounded exactly like what we had been telling her we were looking for! We were both excited to go look at it! We ran right over there and happened to catch the maintenance guy in the driveway. He let us go in and look and within 10 minutes we were making an offer!! It is exactly what we wanted and she was able to recognize that based only off of the realtors description. Crystal made everything that followed so easy, and we even closed 2 weeks early!!
I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to buy or sell!

After talking for 10 minutes with Crystal O’Brien I felt comfortable with her knowledge of the business and her understanding of my needs.

The next day Crystal set me up with an online account for viewing houses that she had picked out for me, as I weeded out some of the houses and told her the reason, she began to get a better understanding of what I was looking for. We went to look at the two remaining houses and talked some more as the total picture began to materialize for her.

Within a couple of days she had found me more houses that were definitely in the realm of what I was wanting. So we scheduled a showing one afternoon for three houses and the first house was a definite possibility. After going to the second house it was time to cancel the third, we had found what we were looking for and I couldn’t thank her enough.

Upon arrival at her office to draw up an offer on the house, it was obvious to her that I really needed to talk to a mortgage advisor that she highly recommends. She steered me in the right direction and helped get me into the home that I truly wanted.

Crystal will work hard to understand what you are looking for, if she doesn’t get it right the first time, she will adapt, overcome and learn what it is that you are looking for.

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